About Us

Junipp is on a mission to make the world a better place for finding quality drinks and discovering local distillers.

Our love of a good ‘tipple’ is sometimes hampered by two crucial considerations;

– what of these beloved range of drinks should I try next?
– where, oh where, can I find a bottle of this?

We work in the tech sector and once, over an end-of-day drink, Deborah highlighted a frustration with carry-on luggage. In discovering new local flavours one could rarely bring them home. Back in the neighbourhood, local stores don’t stock this new discovery and online routes are difficult to find. Why we ask ourselves?

So whilst we do have some assumptions, and in exploring solutions, we are building up our creditability by exploring this market in more depth. This magazine site will serve as part that journey so we can ensure you also come with us on this journey of discovery.

Kindest regards

think global – drink local

Who are we?
Deborah: I’m a designer by education, geek by employment and am forever chasing projects that support the things I love; art, music, magazines & gin!

Petar: I tried my first craft-drink in my grandfathers moonshine shack (ssssssh) – and it was most impressive. Since then, I love everything handcrafted, art photogaphy and great ideas brought to life.